DWC 3,0 operates in searching and identify Companies w(ith high technological contents and innovative products and methods but companies not yet fully developed. These Companies must offer an opportunity of significant profit margins. To those Companies DWC 3.0 offers an exchange of shares in a minority percentages (from 2 to 49%). In some case DWC, will buy a participation in cash. This strategy will require periodical capital’s increases. In addition to the acquisitions DWC 3.0 will develop strategies finalized to a high distribution of shares to small and medium size investors, promoting a costumer fidelity policies system based on special deals dedicated to shareholders. They will have access to fully owned Resorts or to Hotels in different part of the world, They will be offered services and goods at a very exclusive advantageous conditions. DWC 3.0 will sign agreements with several Venture Capital Companies in order to obtain highly qualified propositions, receive full reports, documents and financial data which will be very useful for our team of Corporate finance and perform our controls and due diligence. Some important assets of DWC 3,0 wil be kept in shelter goods like Art (Paintings, Sculptures, Precious metals, Real estate). Permanent Road Shows will keep Institutional investors fully informed of our data and financials.

In 2016 DWC3.0 has increased its presence on the Art Market.

This Market has a great potential of growth from the actual total investment of 1.300 billions of US$ Worldwide.

Our asset in “Art” originally consisting of 900 paintings of one sole artist has growth to 921 painting through the acquisition for 8,2 Million euro of 21 paintings of major Masters of the past. The estimates made by international experts bring the referring value of our stock to a total of over 25 Million of US$.

Dwc 3.0 is already proceeding to the commercialization of our stock and we plan to sell all of it over the next 10/20 years ( a rate of 5/10% per year of our portfolio)

2016 will also coincide with the opening of our first Resort and Club business reserved to our shareholders and to our international businesses connections . Consistent revenues and ROI are expected in this area of business.

We plan future increases of Capital both in cash and in shares to start the process of acquisition of minority shareholding in international private and public Companies in diversified area of activities.