DWC 3.0 situation 2016

Presently the Company’s capitalization at Marche’ Libre Paris is approximately 20.000.000 Euro (13.228.000 shares at 1.65 price at August 30th 2016). In  November 2015 DWC 3,0 has deliberated an IPO expiring on March 16 2016 for 2.000.000 Euro. For the delayed requirements and procedures the IPO was completed only for 1.528.000 Euro at 1 euro per share out of the 2.000.000 deliberated. The Company so far is planning to proceed on 4 acquisitions 3 Biotech Pharmaceutical Companies and one Medical Company. Furthermore a LOI has been signed with 2 American Companies under evaluation but not approved by the Board. At the General Shareholders Assembly of November 2015 DWC 3.0 has deliberated a 50.000.000 Euro (25.000.000 in cash and 25.000.000 dedcated to future acquisitions). The capital increase should be executed before November 2018.